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“My approach to photography is partly intuitive and a bit intellectual. The intellectual aspect is realized mostly after the picture has been taken and developed – showing the photos to people, getting their take on the captured images. Over the years, I’ve realized that if I show one image to ten people, I will realize at least ten different interpretations of the image. The intuitive part happens in the beginning, and is based on my understanding and awareness of the environment where the image is taken. I usually ask my assistant questions about distance, lighting, color scheme, my position relative to the subject, etc. If I get answers that affirm my desires for shooting photos, I will do so. The decision to capture the image is mine alone.”

Henry Butler

HBO Dark Light site: HERE
Henry Butler is one of the featured photographers.
DARK LIGHT is an HBO Documentary Film and was masterminded by Corinne Marrinan and Neil Leifer. Marrinan and Leifer are an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker and a truly legendary sports photographer, respectively.

DARK LIGHT was the winner of Best Short Documentary at the recent Newport Beach Film Festival.


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