One World Brooklyn Kids’ Chorus

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Henry Butler with Josh Levine     Photo by Ian McKenzie

Dear Friends and Fans,

I am performing Sunday, as a special guest, with the One World Brooklyn Kids Chorus at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church (85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NY).

Last week I got a chance to rehearse with the kids. It was a great delight observing how they respond to the music that they are singing, and the enthusiasm and emotional energy that comes with performing in the moment. I’m going to talk more about that; but first, let me speak briefly about their teachers.

Josh, a pianist, bassist, percussionist, and arranger, is a soft spoken teaching personality to whom the kids responded lovingly. Another teacher, who has studied the music of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, contributed a song from that region. Teacher Carolynn also added to the kids’ repertoire from her area of expertise.

I enjoyed the accompaniment of a wonderful guitarist, Robert Secrist, at the rehearsal. Robert’s music is currently a part of my active musical library. Erica Kalick conceived the program. She is truly making an effort to have kids realize, early in their lives, a diversified, multi-cultured, one-world concept.

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As stated before, it was wonderful to observe the kids as they tried to handle the enthusiasm and emotions of the moment, especially the soloists. Listening to the young personalities sing, I could hear and feel them trying to contain the passion and the enjoyment — sometimes it overwhelmed them. They would eventually gain control and focus again.

I always enjoy being with children as lights are clicking on. The joy of seeing them discover, explore, and find something that works, is unmatched.

If you’re in the Brooklyn area, join us on Sunday, May 19th from 3-5 pm for what will be a most inspiring event. See what you think about these kids.